To ensure high-quality design and construction at every step of the way, the firm's partners are directly involved in each phase of every project, supported by work teams organized on a case-by-case basis.
deamicisarchitetti’s approach to internal organization and expertise, together with its partnership with a network of specialized consultants (, allows the firm to maintain the highest standards of efficiency even in the case of particularly complex projects and construction works.

Areas of expertise
Architecture – small and large works
Landscape architecture
Exhibition design

Preliminary design, final design, and construction documents
Master plans
Construction detailing
Feasibility studies
Preliminary cost studies
Implementation planning
Projects for obtaining permits from municipalities and other authorities
Specifications and bills of quantities

Project management
Construction supervision
Accounting and cost control
Coordination and integration of specialized design consultants
Safety plans under Italian Decree Law 81/2008
Calls for tender
Masaso srl
Since 2005 Masaso srl has been working with deamicisarchitetti to provide a wide range of services backed by adequate operational facilities, offering consulting and management services that complement those of the architects.
In particular, Masaso srl provides:
- strategic consulting for the feasibility studies that accompany the preliminary stages of high-profile architectural and urban planning projects, consisting of in-depth analyses of all aspects that can make these projects achievable.
- project management, when the client requires a single point of reference to manage and coordinate relations between design professionals (the architects and design consultants) and between the design professionals and everyone else involved (contractors, client, public authorities).
- general contracting services, when the client requires a single point of reference and the provision of a turnkey project.