Settimo Milanese


Territorial integration among pre-existing buildings, natural environment (a lake), and infrastructures (Switzerland motorway and west orbital road).


Project plan

Housing based on municipality agreement, theme park.


Project choices

Conferring new value and meaning to pre-existing elements, the environmental (lake) and the refined (the historical pathway) ones, together with the community allotments – letting the pathway prevail. The project aims to combine the urban shape and the delineation of well-defined open spaces together with the continuously growing desire to inhabit residential detached houses with adjacent private use spaces. The modulation of the land lots provides private space outside also to the apartments in the higher floors, at the same time articulating the public and private outdoor spaces without enclosing them through the use of fences. The functional units annexed to the land (the circles) and the elements characterising the green allotments (the spiral) represent the “urban figures” that, while locally defining specific spaces, identify at the same time a space that comes to be recognisable even at a quick, fleeing glance from the orbital road.