Refurbishment and renovation of an attic and partial demolition-reconstruction on residential building.



Keeping the openings and balconies of the facade unchanged.


Project choices

The first choice appointment is to carry out subtle interventions instead of a complete demolition and reconstruction: interventions are considered to be more convincing and more successful because they can incorporate a sense of aging (that we identify as a peculiar value in architecture), through the stratification of the introduced changes. The second choice is to amend the proportions of the inner court by raising the level of the open-pit floor in order to create parking spaces in the current basement, and to generate a distribution system based on a single staircase in order to achieve financial and spatial economy, given the narrow spaces available. Last, the choices of the materials came before those of the composition. Both the limewashed finish of the brick’s surface and the specific conglomerate composed of cement with glass aggregate designed and produced specifically for the coverings and part of the internal facades, together with the bronze finishes, are all elaborately weaved surfaces conferring quality and preciousness to the intervention.


Ph. Alberto Strada