F. Battisti, R. Contrino



Construction of a housing estate for touristic purposes.



Different types of residential buildings and overall volume considerably larger than the average in the adjacent surrounding coastal areas.


Project choices

Intention to create a relationship with the adjacent sea through the creation of a “road network infrastructure” that links the coast with the inland and connects water and countryside, thus reconciling two elements that have been long unrelated.

Aim to redefine the waterfront and the relationship with the city of Rovigno, having the above mentioned infrastructure as a starting point.

The origin of this project is the modelling of the land through artificial terracing resulting in residential spaces. Such process resembles the one that produced a “naturally artificial” landscape that allowed the best use of agricultural soils over the past centuries. The relationship between full and empty spaces that derives from it is naturally integrated in the local landscape, where woods and meadows constantly alternate.



A. Martiradonna