Settimo Milanese


Conversion of a disused factory located near the centre of Settimo Milanese, with residential purposes.



Private building trade residencies and housing based on municipality agreements.


Project choices

Predominance of the urban project. Settimo Milanese has an irregular mixed urban structure, in which individual architectural events and sections do not build up a readable and clearly visible urban system, even though they are qualitatively notable. The area is important for both its centrality and its extension, so it provides a good occasion to propose a new urban vision acknowledging the meaning and value of “urban episodes” that are independent from each other. A network of – mainly pedestrian – routes is integrated with the pre-existing patterns in order to reconstruct the urban fabric of interconnections. As a consequence, the master plan aims to include pre-existing routes and buildings (Poste Italiane and ASL offices) and new edifices and pedestrian routes in a single fabric of interconnections. The aim is to generate a new rich urban fabric composed of the alternation and contiguity of public and private spaces, targeted to encourage socialisation and the creation of neighbourhood units. From the architectural point of view, three different types of buildings coexist: tower buildings, terraced houses and roofed courtyards together allowing the coexistence of different lifestyles.