L. M. Guffanti



Construction of a new aquarium (tropical water life) to be included in Parco Sempione (Milan) next to the already existing Aquarium installed in 1906 (river water life).



Tropical aquarium, research and documentation centre, with meeting and conference rooms, that integrates and enables activities that are already partially performed in the old Aquarium, which is internationally renowned mainly for the research activities conducted by its study centre.


Project choices

Location in a peripheral area of the nineteenth-century park perimeter, residual in its uses.

Confirmation of the traditional location of exhibition pavilions inside Parco Sempione (see the tradition of the Triennali), also highlighting its role as urban landmark, given its position in one of the main city roads.

Light and transparent volumes, almost ethereal, so that it can be perceived as a weightless presence, springing from the dense amalgam of trees, the edifice is connected through a single pedestrian ramp to the terrain and the square below it, so that the floor is open and crossable.

The shell is realized with differently rotated glasses that allow the surface to vibrate, reminiscent of the image of an evanescent jellyfish.