Permanent exhibition pavilion proposed for the Expo area.



Displaying in an engaging interactive way the world of fishing and aquaculture, without involving animals, from the financial value to the nutritional one. Such world is shown from multiple different points of view (art, ethics, epics, places, instruments).


Project choices

The building is a pavilion containing contributions on issues concerning sustainable fishing in the international context. Five itineraries (points of view) are designed in order to be intertwined both in structure and in contents, although they are separated and differently ordered and set up. In the middle of the itineraries, empty spaces serve as stages, in which stories are told. The transparent ceilings allow the natural light to enter, and at the same time they enable the observers to have a look at the lake and the fishes above them. The big lake (just below one hectare) dominates the Expò area, providing a privileged area-wide point of view. Its sloping edges become natural battlement for other installations. Small row- or solar power boats are available for navigation. Little islands in the centre of the lake host refreshments stalls. The construction as a whole appears to be a land art work because of its nature and dimensions.