L. M. Guffanti



Construction of an underground level parking lot and restoration of Sant'Agostino square.



Preserving the possibility for the local agricultural and food market to take place in the square.


Project choices

The surface restoration project takes place in a central area lacking of any form of identity or recognisability; as a consequence, the aim is to configure a new urban space. Taking as a starting point the 100 Ginko Biloba forest , which is geometrically organized on the basis of the poplar plantations of the “bassa lombarda”, and it is an integral part of the linear green system of the Bastioni (bastions), neighbouring the project area. The chosen tree type is particularly suitable for an urban context thanks to its resistance, and confers a form of singularity to the area because of its rarity, its symbolic value, its historical value (it is a living fossil), its unusual shape and its incredibly beautiful leaves. The network of Ginko Bilobas has been structured on the basis of the need to allow the local market to take place. To favour the efficiency and order of such market, turrets and seats are present in the area. A new iconic volume is suspended on a little underground plaza which joins the subway exit with new private and public services. In such way the entire surface of the main plaza is kept free and no public space is stolen from the city.