Enlargement of the current offices of the WTO building with a new edifice in the park.



Building offices and related services.


Project choices

Formal identity. Greenhouse building. The relationship with the existing building is similar to that of a royal palace with their garden pavilions. As a consequence, the exteriors will be covered in white marble to reminiscent of lace.

Lobby becomes the privileged place that marks the building's relationship with the landscape and provides a perfect meeting space, thanks to its permeability towards the exterior, its height and dimensions.

Volumetric development. Each function has its dedicated space: fluid space at the lobby level, a cellular space for the offices, and an interstitial space for the services (circular and transverse). Each level develops its own specific atmosphere and architectural nature.

Different density gradients on the facade. Different transparency and permeability levels result from the various levels of lightening and privacy required by the spaces. The building meets the standards of the passive house.