Enhancement of the current cycling lane on the perimeter of the Varese lake.



Initiating a relationship with the surrounding territory, to various extents.

Underlining the peculiarities of the lake, its villages and its story.


Project choices

The role of the current cycling lane surrounding the Varese lake is re-examined, so that it is used to create an identity for a larger system of territories, characterised by heterogeneous landscapes, of which the lake is the cornerstone. A new map, echoing the ancient ones, enabling travellers to read and see the places they are travelling through, is created in order to allow people – most of all the local inhabitants - to perceive the hidden local treasures. The rediscovery of the existing peculiarities is promoted together with new interventions: the resulting area is unique in its kind, as it allows for the coexistence of natural oases, touristic attractions, cultural and educational values, historical perspectives and technological innovation. The lane is divided into five parts, generating five theme parks, standing for the vocation of each part of the territory. Each segment will be different from both the information and knowledge points of view and the experiences they create. Numerous milestones intersect the itinerary, marking the available diversions.