L. M. Guffanti, Devero S.p.A.



Research project on the production of low cost houses developed vertically and providing high energy performance.



Vertical development.

Maximum total cost: 1500 euros/sqm.

Energy class: A+.

Flexibility of accommodation.

Fostering neighbourhood units.


Project choices

The building has a elongated form, maximizing the dimensions of the sides facing north and south. This is considered to be an important resource for the building itself as well as for its residents, as it provides all the accommodations with a double exposition. The building is planned to be situated with its fronts oriented towards north and south, inside a generic lot. As a consequence, the continuous definition of the relationship with the roads and the city is always dependent on the green base (which conceals the garages, therefore constructed without excavating). The building is stratified on different levels: the garage level; the following level hosting the entrance and the offices; above which there is empty level used for common activities, merging with the surrounding garden and avoiding the inhibition of the natural flow of breezes, which is particularly relevant to the aim of avoiding the typical effect of the so-called “heat isle” in the cities. In order to lower the costs and encourage the interaction among people, the distribution involves a single focal point, the stairway, together with a gallery leading to the single residential units. The extension of the galleries makes them look similar to a hanging road providing each floor with an ample communal space. Each floor is organized in functional zones (distribution, technological ring, service areas and residential areas) so that the structure, systems and the internal distribution of each accommodation all become very functional. Rows of trees on the edge of the green base help to avoid the use of gates and protect from the road noises.