Business information, orientation and communication graphics.


Project choices

The interior decor of offices is often compromised by the stratification of single autonomous interventions on the business graphics designed by different professionals, as the priority is to satisfy the prescriptive and procedural requirements. The project begins with the necessity to tidy up the “Babel” of architectural languages used in this context by integrating the different communicative systems in a single system of symbols and materials, also because of the risk that this multiplicity of systems may create misunderstandings. Security posters, notice and union boards, announcements, pathfinder signage, names of the areas, identities of specific spaces (e.g. so-called “totems”) are defined by dividing the stands: extended specific identity-related wall interventions on the one hand, and diffused minute interventions tied together by a “material” system. This system is slightly detached from the walls, and made of milled brass with coloured metal sticks, and it links, both pragmatically and theoretically, the information. Since they are clearly defined products, it is possible to maintain separate reading levels and to perceive a unitary, organized image of the interiors.



Gabriele Leo