Chiampo (Vi)

The town of Chiampo presents the typical morphology of the villages built in the Venetian Prealps’ valleys developing along the main road that follows along the torrent, which gives the name to the entire valley.

Such morphology, imposed by the orography, defines a precise urban layout: the buildings, like the connecting road network, developed in a comb with respect to the main road axis.

In this configuration, the landscape of the valley acts as a backdrop to every view and the valley itself becomes an integral part of every artifact present.

Among the elements present in the urban landscape, the road and stream-crossing walkway is a rather recurring component that speaks a language linked more to the architectural style of the construction period than to the environment in which it is located.

The criteria followed to formulate the proposal took into account the landscape value of the intervention. The elements already present in the area are connected through a unitary gesture: from those related to the infrastructures (protected cycle path, pedestrian walkway over the stream), to those more strictly architectural (the stadium with its entrance), to those related to services and urban greenery (the car park and the mighty green hedge fence that surrounds the perimeter of the sports facility).

The walkway will move suspended on pillars from the northern limit of the stadium car park, rising with a 5% gradient until it reaches the top of the entrance to the sports facility; a system of shrub greenery will be planted in continuity with the existing hedge fence, beneath the pillared supporting structure of the sports facility, hiding the supporting structure of the walkway and redesigning the entrance front to the Stadium.

Once past the entrance to the stadium the walkway will continue following the perimeter of the pitch and crossing the provincial road diagonally, to finally descend on a green embankment that will accompany its path to the footbridge over the stream. The green area will host fitness equipment, pedestrian paths and games for children.