Settimo Milanese (Mi)


Theme park hosting all the activities related to cycling, both as sport and as business.



Velodrome/sports arena, commercial spaces, offices of sports medicine, agritourism, hotel, spa-fitness, outdoor routes for all disciplines, infrastructural integration with inter municipal roads and tube services.


Project choices

Aim to 'construct the landscape': the woods and the meadows are the interpretative key and the base of the project. Such matrix helps mediating among the new constructions and integrating them with the pre-existing structures. The indigenous wood has various important functions: it represents a relevant element of the territorial identity, it mitigates the effects of the urbanization, it becomes the starting point for the agricultural park on the south, gives continuity and limits at the same time to the vegetation of the karst springs, and it divides the spaces. The fields either contain outdoor activities related to different specialities (box, downhill, skate park, etc.) or they become adjunct spaces for the emergence of the edifices. The cycling lanes develop through woods, clearings and roads or paths, inherently linking the new buildings with the agricultural structure.


Ph. A. Fusi