Renovation of a law office inside a nineteenth-century historical building.



Clean distinction between the back and front offices.

Arrangement of a connection between the different levels, also from the visual point of view, that enables visitors to perceive the extension of the place.

Partition of the spaces in small operational cells.

Reassuring image, conveying reliability and safety.


Project choices

The intervention is divided into two parts: one is the operational back office; the other is the public face of the front office. The distribution system becomes particularly relevant in this logic of separation of functions, as such system has to link together the two parts, also from a visual point of view. As a consequence, the entrance spaces merge into the distribution spaces thanks to the continuous marble floorings. The staircase, which is likewise/also made of monolithic marbles, dominates the distribution spaces and ties together the two office floors. It has been considered possible to satisfy the requests of the clients from an architectural point of view by drawing on tradition of the examples of the bourgeoisie interiors created in Milan in the 1950s.


Ph. Eugenia Silvestri