Renovation of an apartment in stately palace with a view on the river Po.



Removal of the hallways.

Clear-cut distinction between reception and living spaces.

Enhancement of the precious existing architectural elements (studio, brick vaults, fireplace and vintage mirrors).


Project choices

Typical stately mansions in Turin are organized in so-called "chain spaces", as a consequence, three focus areas have been identified: the coatroom, the kitchen, and the hall regulate the indoor paths avoiding the use of hallways or vestibules. Such spaces acquire the most density of architectural and functional contents, instead of remaining small and accessory places. The large living room with its amazing view of the river and the main rooms and service spaces become supplementary to them, located on those sides that have less fortunate views. Few precious materials, such as marble and heat-treated oak floors, are extensively used: they allow for less specific interventions without lowering the standard of the apartment, so that the grace of the existing elements is not eclipsed.


Ph. Luigi Bartoli, Gabriele Leo