Conversion of offices to a low-cost medical centre divided into different clinic rooms, providing high quality services at low costs.


Project plan

Gym and rooms of different size.

Welcoming and comfortable reception and waiting rooms.

Natural definition of the management of the patients' flow and reception.



The waiting room is separated from the operational spaces by a non-linear equipped wall. The room also is defined by variable depths in correspondence to the street windows, keeping the relationship of the inside and outside alive. The natural light during the day accentuates the qualities of the interiors, in the evening, the artificial light enacts the public functions of the place. The converging and enlarging geometries of the space host specific environments: the reception, the circulation paths and the waiting spaces, divided into areas where it is possible to experience different ergonomic seating types. The clinic rooms, all provided with natural light, specifically soundproofed and furnished with custom made wall units containing the patients' changing space, the doctor's wardrobe, the wash basin, the medical equipment and all the services, including the lights. The remaining space is therefore clean, linear, and open: it offers freedom of movements and it ensures the flexibility that is needed to host different medical specialties. The materials used in the intervention created continuous surfaces that are joint less, easily cleanable and highly resistant. Resin cements for the floorings and the walls, coloured wood conglomerate for the furniture and wide laminates comply with these requirements. The carefully planned graphics are consistent with the project, as they enhance the identity and provide information on the doors and guide one through the spaces. The project aims to prove that ‘low cost’ does not necessarily mean ‘poor’ or ‘badly made’, and that it doesn't mean ‘made with recyclable materials’ either. ‘Low cost’ simply means carefully planning how to use the low budget available for a project to obtain the highest possible functional and esthetic standards.


Ph. Luigi Bartoli, Gabriele Leo