Enhancement and upgrade of the activities in a city sports complex.


Project plan

Amending the management system of the complex by adding accessory and compatible services.

Optimizing the available spaces.

Conferring a formal identity to the whole intervention.

Enabling the opening of the complex also for other leisure activities (on the model of the “oratory”).


Project choices

The plan includes the construction of a three-metres-high base containing and screening out the football and the communal spaces in front, given the necessity to create private parking lots in support of the activities carried out in the complex. This part of the complex will then appear similar to an “arena”. The pavement hosts the athletics track and the routes of access to the other disciplines or activities (swimming pool, multisport fields, training, and gym) that are aligned along the road to favour their integration with the city (even with dedicated access structures). This pavement is situated above the field level, as are the other leisure areas available to the public, which are also connected with bicycle and pedestrian paths that link the complex to the roads of the Ticinello Park, by passing through the city parks.