OTTO is a contemporary project that takes into account changes, redesigns and connects ways of living whether private or business.

At home, living becomes a work station, while in the office the desktop becomes a dining table. The "bench working", the work done together in a large common table, is favored by its combinatorial possibilities.

OTTO is a table that interacts with the various needs, composing itself infinite times: the trapezoidal shape allows the table to be connoted in two different ways. On the long side, adding a new element creates an hexagonal island that can be aggregated with other islands. On the short side, the unification of new elements gives rise to a fluid and infinite object, whose almost anthropomorphic composition finds sap in its extension.

The product is, therefore, configured as a light, versatile table, suitable for all environments (both residential and tertiary).

It’s made with a support structure in painted aluminum that supports 1 cm tops. of different material thickness: HPL (high pressure laminated panel), Valchromat (mass-colored wooden panel fibers), wood, leather, or marble on honeycomb panel.

The section of the legs generates the geometry of the whole structure which, remaining visible, also constitutes its characteristic feature. This formal matrix, in its combinations resulting from the possible assembly of the tables, always makes it a unique and recognizable product.

Both the legs and the top can be completely disassembled and reduced to small sizes, thus favoring packaging and transport.

The marked attention to the technical quality of the construction details, the refinement in the choice of materials and finishes and an easily production process replicable everywhere, allow OTTO to offer itself both for the large series and for special pieces.

The special design, the color, the flexibility, the ergonomics, and the use of multiple materials, make it a table system suitable for all circumstances, from contexts for intensive use to luxury ones.


Ph. Alberto Strada