One-family house with garden in allotment situated in city suburbs.



Quality and appearance of the exterior fence determined by the allotment plan.

Building on the margins of the allotment not permitted.


Project choices

In the vagueness of suburbia, where each place is similar to any other, where architecture is always changing and still always the same, where the limits, the entrances and the margins are usually those prescribed by regulations and allotment plans, and where regulations impose to build in the centre of the available allotment, this house aims to find its roots in the context, starting from its position, in order to break with settlement neutrality. The house reaches for the margins of the allotment and pushes out into the road: in doing so, it creates urban contexts that different in nature and identity. On the north side, it has a clean urban front with a serpentine schist atrium, and on the south side a wide garden area. The architectural language is dominated by the roof form, and it is structured in a way that complies with these conditions. The sequence of rooms typical of vintage houses (which lack of any other arrangement) and the large pitched roofs of old farmsteads are the two main typology landmarks. The materials mainly used for the interior decor are terrazzo and heat treated oak.


Ph. Luigi Bartoli, Gabriele Leo