Gavi (Al)

The territory of Gavi is currently experiencing a rebirth characterized by the activism of some farms growing strongly that therefore are in need of new operative spaces. Between them, “La Raia” is one of the most interesting farms because it combines the activity of agriculture with that of a Foundation which aims to protect and promote the values of the territory by interventions concerning art and culture. In this context, the project of the new agricultural machinery depot, that clearly with its pure functional scope has a minor impact on the architectural scenario, needs a deeper gaze that cannot disregard a consideration upon the territory, restricting the functional issue to a precondition. The volume of the new project is not meant as an object laid on the ground, but rather it is the result of a simple ground modelling which exploits the natural slope of the hill. The project presents two topics. Overall it blends into the landscape, preserving its continuity and at the same time it does not renege on a precise architectural characterization through a concrete overhang that, together with the below wall decorated with burnt strips, first divides and then unifies the topographic levels of the slope. The construction, made up of a simple fair faced concrete structure with a predalle slab, is clear and achieved with a low budget. The details of the joints, the texture of the caisson and the burnt wooden dies inserted in the caisson, are the elements that, together with the form, give quality and originality to the handcraft. Natural and artificial light is part of the project: the storage room inside is illuminated by natural light that follows the sun movements. The agricultural depot is illuminated by fluorescent lamps inserted into the prefabricated slab, that draw an abstract and linear ceiling pattern easily visible at the sunset.


Ph. Alberto Strada