Historically the place of one of the most advanced hydraulic civilizations in Europe, Milan starts from water to strengthen its identity, reconciling functional efficiency and iconic value, environmental regeneration and art, spaces for sport and leisure able to mix neighborhood life and major events, contemplative dimension and social encounter.

Design intentions
1.    To assume the great urban void as a rare resource to be safeguarded
2.    To research the iconic value at the metropolitan scale
3.    To build an unprecedented urban landscape by dimension and character
4.    New urban plan defined by a lake at a privileged height
5.    Formation of a new metropolitan scale urban centrality 
6.    To consider the north area (the consolidated urban tissue) and the south area (the city transforming city) as shores of the same sea
7.    To transform the rail boundaries into opportunities
8.    To enhance the character of the site as a cultural and leisure hub
9.    Formation of a new environmental ecosystem (climate, energy, soil)
10.    Preservation the unity of the area and its collective value